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Complex HBS Intensive care Hillary Hair Body Skin Intensive care

Complex HBS Intensive care Hillary Hair Body Skin Intensive care

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The HBS complex for intensive care of the body, face and hair contains all the necessary means for comprehensive care.
An intensive serum with a stabilized form of vitamin C evens the tone, restores and gives the skin a healthy glow. Actively moisturizes the skin thanks to the content of trehalose. It has an antioxidant effect and protects against the destructive effects of the environment.
MULTI-ACTIVE HOP CONES multi-active complex for hair with extract of hop cones provides an opportunity to grow healthy, beautiful, silky hair. The serum penetrates deep into the scalp and acts at the cellular level, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss, maintaining the number and quality of hair follicles.
Body balm with a unique emollient combination of rich and nourishing jojoba oil with two esters that melt at the skin's temperature, effectively nourishing and leaving it silky
The set includes:
Hillary Vitamin C Intensive Even Skin Tone Serum, 30 ml
Nourishing body balm with silk and molecular patch Hillary Nutrition Body Silk Balm, 200 ml
Multi-active complex with extract of hop cones Hillary MULTI-ACTIVE HOP CONES, 50 ml
Application method
Apply the serum to cleansed skin in a thin layer, let it absorb for 10-15 minutes.
Apply the active hair serum and massage the root zone with clean hands for 2-5 minutes.
Apply a small amount of balm to clean, slightly damp body skin. Use the balm every day, morning or evening. Pay special attention to very dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet.


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