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Gift box with natural soap organised in wooden box+reusable cotton pads

Gift box with natural soap organised in wooden box+reusable cotton pads

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Gift box include

- Wooden box - 1 piece

- Dark brown soap -1 piece (100 gram)

- White soap - 1 piece (100 gram)

- Orange soap - 1 piece (100 gram)

- Pink soap - 1 piece(100 gram) 

- Mandarine soap - 2 piece (23 gram)

- Reusable cotton pads for remove make up - 10 piece

Detailed description:

Dark brown soap - Soap for face and body. It has a light scrubbing effect, thanks to the ground coffee in the composition. Antioxidants contained in cocoa and coffee improve blood circulation, regeneration, color and elasticity of the skin. Perfect for washing the whole body. Active components: natural ground coffee, cocoa, chocolate, olive, coconut and palm oils.

White soap - Salt soap has intensive scrubbing properties thanks to the sea salt in the composition, suitable for problem, combination and oily skin. Not recommended for dry skin. Improves blood circulation and skin color, cleans pores, prevents the appearance of black spots. Active components: coconut,castor, cold-pressed olive oil, shea butter, sea salt, essential oil of ylang-ylang and bergamot.

Orange soap - Soap with loofah. Suitable for the whole body and all skin types.
A loofah is a pumpkin natural sponge ofvegetable origin poured into the middle of
soap. Plays the role of a scrub, regenerates the skin well and improves blood circulation. Essential oils of orange and grapefruit have a toning effect, clean the pores and improve the elasticity and color of the skin. Active ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel, castor oil, grapefruit and orange essential oil, loofah, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil. 

Pink soap - Lavender soap with mint. Suitable for all skin types. Essential oils of lavender and mint have a soothing, bactericidal and toning effect, narrow pores and regulate sebum production. Dried lavender flowers in the composition give a light scrubbing effect. Active components: coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, essential oil of lavender and mint, dried lavender flowers, grape seed oil.

Mandarine soap - Suitable for all skin types. Grape seed oil in combination with tangerine oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin, as well as tones and improves its color.


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