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Ziggy Edens Zero cosplay costume (pre-order)

Ziggy Edens Zero cosplay costume (pre-order)

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Please note that all items in our store are custom-made for each customer (except for the "ready to ship" category), so it takes some time to process orders. You can find a detailed list of production times for various products at this link.
However, our store always tries to satisfy all the requests of our customers, so if you need to expedite the deadlines or have a specific date by which you need to receive the order, please be sure to contact us in any way convenient for you.

It is also possible to make any changes to the product, such as color, shape, material, decor, or to order a completely different costume or its detail, but then the price is discussed individually with each client.

Character - Ziggy
Source -Edens Zero

The costume will be the same as on the photos, but made according to your measurements.
It is a completely handmade, professionally sewn costume.

Outfit consist- Pants, shirt, chest armour, neck armour, gloves, hands armour, belts, shoes with leg armour, cape, shoulder armour, helmet, face shield with LED lights. 

The location of costume creation is non-smoking.



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